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Qualita Eco

What you just saw is something that the brand gives back to the mother earth. 


Yes, that brand plant trees.

This stamp that you see on your packaging or any printed material is a guarantee that the brand plant back the tree that they use for their paper packaging or printing material.

Qualita makes sure that this brand plant MORE than the number of trees they use.

Qualita will also accept this packaging waste to be upcycled by our own waste management team.

Now you know you’re supporting brands with an eco-friendly mission. Thank you to take part of it by simply buying their product!


The Story Behind


Do you know that packaging makes up a major portion of municipal solid waste?



of an average dump is made up of packaging material.

As a packaging solution, we strive for the real solution regarding to this matter. We have committed to try to close the waste loop. To give back the materials that we have borrowed from our beloved mother earth.

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Are you with us?

Qualita Eco Stamp
For Business Owners

We know that the path you’ve been through in order to become more sustainable and ethical might be frustrating.


There are many ways but not all of them are easy and affordable. Especially when you find out that most eco-friendly materials are pricey and it ends up preventing you to do what you've planned.


If you’re looking for some changes,
you can be the change

Start by joining Qualita commitment to a more affordable option for packaging or printed material. We are here to make sure that every brand that trusts us could give back the trees that they’ve borrowed for making packagings to be delivered to their precious customers

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Start the change with these commitments of ours:

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Waste Management

We have our own waste management system to upcycle our own paper waste. We also accept all packaging waste with this Qualita Eco Stamp.

Tree-Planting Program

We plant back every tree you borrow the nature for every packaging and printing product that you make with us. There is no extra charge for this because this is our commitment to close the loop.

tree planting progam-01.png
eco friendly printing.png

Eco-Friendly Printing Option

We would offer an eco-friendly suggestion for every step in your packaging making process from the material option to the production. From design, paper material, and eco ink. 


Join The Movement

Are you interested in switching to environmentally friendly packaging? Start a simple step to become a more sustainable product with Qualita Eco Stamp.

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